We Supply

  • Supplies of components and equipment
  • High power high-frequency DIODE, TRIODE TUBE, THYRISTOR, IGBT, MOSFET etc.
  • Frequency converter AC drives to C.N.G pump and industries.
  • Induction Heating Power Supply
  • High frequency power capacitor
  • Panel annunciator and meters
  • Power line filter

Power line filter

the polluted power lines surge’s superimpose to electronics circuitry and malfunctioning the equipment or burnt
components, to protect this the filter gives clean power.

Solar Energy System

The Smart peoples makes smart decisions, so don’t miss the opportunity of cheap electricity unit cost, obtain by solar power, why us because first understand the customer needs and tailor the system accordingly.


High Power Semi-Conductor

Triode Tube

Induction Heater

High Frequency High Power Capacitor