Solution Centre Of Power Electronics

Power Electronics has a very vital role in our life i.e, in Industries, Telecom, Transportation, Traction, Biomedical Engineering, and Consumer Electronics Equipment etc.


Components level troubleshooting  expertise with appropriate measuring tools and equipment


Fixing the faults with modern  measurement tools & equipment


Designing SCHEMATIC, PCB, SIMULATION by CAD software

Products Design & Development

Tailoring the products based on customer needs

Supply Chain

Providing Local and imported components & equipment

  • Vision

    We want to stand out in all the products that we make through their technology and quality and on all markets through the excellence of our services.

  • Mission

    To effectively run a company and grow  with the advanced technologies sector.
    To satisfy our customers, exceeding their expectations by means of permanent innovation, the quality of our products and an excellent service.
    To encouragement our employees’ professionally and personal development in healthier atmosphere.

  • Goal

    To provide & facilitate the efficient and economical solution to whom ( evolutionary idea designer to end user applicant) are facing challenges and have whishes to enter in healthier competition to win.